Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Green Beans: Deer Fail

I found something else that grows in a container and can handle minimal sun: green beans! Fortunately, the plants only grew about 15 inches so I didn't have to stake them. They seemed to intertwine and hold onto each other for support.

I planted one among some similar-looking weeds as a deer test case. They found it, ripped it up by its roots, leaving a gaping hole among the remaining indigenous undergrowth. Even before it fruited. Deer fail.

I had such luck with the beans I started sugar snap peas. Don't know how these will fare, although they did hold up over last week's hurricane-force winds.

Photos: Bix


Dr. Mel said...

Great about the green beans! I'm trying them this year for the first time (no beans yet). I did grow dwarf shelling peas, which did well but petered out once it got so hot.

Bix said...

Melinda, you have a garden extraordinaire! I saw it on Facebook.

My trash can potatoes petered out too. Must be the heat. I'm going to plant some more for Fall. I'll try some peas too then, if I can find some seeds.