Monday, May 17, 2010

Photos: Early 1900s

Here are just two photos from Albert Kahn's collection of early 20th century photographs, "considered to be the most important collection of early colour photographs in the world."


Ireland: has about 70 more photos. Just a fantastic window to a different time.

What do you see? I see:
  • Not many heavy people
  • Few wore eyeglasses
  • Being barefoot was not uncommon, even in places as north as Ireland



virginia said...

beautiful photos.

eyeglasses - i would imagine they didn't have access to exams, or glasses.

no shoes, no glasses - we take a lot for granted. i know my grandfather and his many brothers shared one sunday suit - and shoes were precious.

Bix said...

When people, myself included, say they'd like to go back and live in a simpler, cleaner, less hectic time, I think of these scenes and those thoughts melt away. Michael Pollan says eat like your grandmother. My grandmother's diet of boiled potatoes, salt cod, and jam on toast would get me into my 30s, but not without physical liabilities. As beautiful as some of these photos are, I think I shall choose now over then.

Anrosh said...

i have never seen my father taking seconds as long as i lived with him. life was harsh and rough for my father growing up and he wouldn't wish it for anyone.

if it overrained that season - the harvest would be bleak and as farmers with nothing else to fall back on even basic necessities like clothing and flipflops (chappals as we call it) was a Luxury! my father never saw shoes until he was in his mid 20's.
in india we don't need shoes -it is WArm enough!

Perovskia said...

Heh.. um... do you notice in the Ireland picture.. the little boy to the left is a little transparent? ;) Fantastic.

John Farrar said...

What do you think is the story with the figure in the left which is a bit freaky, almost ghost like?
Only noticed this when I zoomed in to show a school child, who was doing a project.