Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gulf Coast Seafood Harvests 2000-2008

600,000,000 pounds = 272,155 metric tons

What do you see?
I see a lot of farmed fish in America's future.
"Scientists and researchers -- invited to brief members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee [on Friday, May 21, 2010] -- warned that the thousands of barrels of oil still gushing into the Gulf are contributing to a potential ecological disaster of unknown proportions."
- CNN: Experts Testify On Grim Ecological Fallout From Gulf Oil Spill


Ben said...

This really pisses me off. Didn't they have a plan for how to contain spills before they went in? Who doesn't have a back-up plan? They were too hasty, too greedy, too careless.

Bix said...

I read we may never be able to effectively clean the wetlands ... without doing more damage to sensitive animal feeding and breeding grounds than the oil is already doing.

caulfieldkid said...

This really is depressing. I suppose this is about a good time as ever to give up on some sea food.

Wild Salmon and Tuna it is for the foreseeable future.

- shaun

Angela and Melinda said...

@Ben, no they didn't have a plan, and as Pres. Obama pointed out in his press conference last week, the U. S. govt. does not have scientific expertise or technology superior to the scientists and engineers hired by BP. NO ONE knows how to plug the leak, and as Bix points out, it will be decades (at best) before any degree of normalcy is achieved in the Gulf region. And that's assuming the oil doesn't swing around Florida and come up the East coast, which could happen.

Bix said...

This is just a sad, sad story. Every day it gets sadder. The people, the environment. It's terrible.