Sunday, April 25, 2010

Results of Heart Attack Diet Poll

If you wanted to prevent a heart attack, would you:

The collective wisdom here is that, to lower the risk for a heart attack, one would eat less of everything: fat, carbohydrate, and protein. Perhaps it doesn't matter what the macronutrient make-up of your diet is as long as you're eating less of it.

There was a slight advantage for reducing carbs. It's hard to say if this was significant in this informal poll. But if it's true, that would mean, by default, eating more fat and protein. (The converse is also true ... If you were cutting back on fat and animal protein, the bulk of your diet would be carbs.)


E. Stone said...

There's nothing wrong with carbs. Eat more carbs I say. You can eat a high carb diet and be perfectly healthy. It depends on what carb you're eating. Chocolate cake is a lot different than brown rice and broccoli. The Okinawans practically lived on sweet potatoes!

What is this new poll Bix. Is this some kind of trick?

Bix said...

Carbs... I feel the same way.

The poll isn't a trick.