Friday, April 30, 2010

Can Man Live On Air?

Man Claims To Have Had No Food Or Drink For 70 Years
Indian military scientists are studying an 82-year-old who claims he has not had any food or drink for 70 years
- Telegraph, April 28, 2010

True or false? I say false. But I believe he's used to fasting.

It's quite a claim. I wonder if he does any chewing at all, and if not, how that affects his teeth and jaw.

It's interesting that fluid from his bladder got reabsorbed. Love how we work. It reminds me of how hibernating animals get fluid when they aren't drinking. They retain and recycle the H2O produced from our electron transport chain - the mechanism in mitochondria that produces energy for us. That mechanism is in fact why we breath oxygen, we need it to drive the ETC and provide energy. At the bottom of the chain, the oxygen accepts electrons and is reduced* to water.

I recall reading that hibernating bears also recycle their wastes, even in their bowels. They form a fecal plug to keep it in!

So, maybe Prahlad Jani is experiencing a form of hibernation?

* Reduction here meaning accepting electrons, as opposed to oxidation which donates electrons.


Anonymous said...

I think the longer someone fasted completely is 70 days, without water you are dead in days.

This is either extremely dangerous and he is going to die of dehydration in a few days time, or a fraud (common in india from what I've heard).... or it's true and all western medical scientific knowledge should be thrown out of the window

Anonymous said...

wait for the last second of the video and look at his eyes

he certainly has what we call in spain 'kind eyes'... I'll be following the story I just hope that those indian doctors have common sense and at the first sign of dehydration inject fluids into him

Jennywenny said...

I heard this story in my nutrition class and nearly walked out. It didnt seem to have a place in my class for discussion at that time.

I cant believe this is true, although maybe with the power of the mind you can survive longer than average?

Bix said...

Nice video, Manu. His eyes were very wide, almost pained. His legs were so skinny.

Anrosh said...

great headlines in enticing people to buy the newspaper - i have to agree with manu on the fraud part.

but have to say that - the body gets used to what we are eating and how much we are eating(have tried it myself)and the mind factor is very powerful as jenny mentions above

Anonymous said...

I always hate how mainstream media never follows up on stories like these. Can't help but be cynic when you don't have much information on what happened, surely by now if he was able to survive thus far without water it's something that doesn't make sense...

I just don't get what does the indian military and indian doctors gain by conducting this fraud and why didn't they setup a live stream on the internet to have independed observers