Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Intestinal Contractions

I've been hearing more lately about problems with defecation ... either sluggish bowels/constipation or overactive/irritable bowels.

If you're experiencing a problem, here's a simple experiment you can try. I learned this in school years ago. It's based on the gastrocolic reflex. This reflex causes us to feel the urge to go.

An underactive reflex leads to constipation. An overactive reflex leads to spastic colon or any the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (bloating, gas, cramping, diarrhea).
  • If you're experiencing sluggish bowel, add some fat to your diet.
  • If you're experiencing overactive bowel, remove fat from your diet.
Fat in the diet stimulates the gastrocolic reflex. Any fat does this - butter, avocadoes, French fries, olive oil, chicken skin, nuts, fish oil, whipped cream, and that tried-and-true constipation remedy ... mineral oil.

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Dr. Mel said...

Sounds like good advice! Certainly worth a try.