Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Living Strong

A poignant story:
At a Mighty 104, Gone While Still Going Strong, NYTs, January 11

On Monday, Joe Rollino, said to be, for his size, one of the strongest men who ever lived, was struck by a minivan and died. He was 104.
"Mr. Rollino stayed away from meat. And cigarettes. And alcohol. He said he walked five miles every morning, rain or shine."
The photo is of Mr. Rollino at 103 years old. That's incredible.
Thanks to Seinberg.
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virginia said...

I listened to this story yesterday, and wondered what he looked like at age 100, plus some. Amazing.

Dr. Mel said...

I heard this story on the news--love the guy, hate the irony of his death. Hope he died instantaneously.

O Primitivo said...

Why stay away from meat? Is meat deadly? Why not stay away from minivans instead?