Thursday, January 28, 2010


Talk about second chances. Here's a pickup truck that crashed through a guard rail, flipped, and... I'll let you see what happened: Snopes

A blood test for colon cancer? Quest Diagnostics now offering one: ColoVantage. It won't replace colonoscopies, but if your blood tests positive there's no avoiding the dreaded scope: Quest

Woman emails maker of corn nuts: "Hi. Are your corn nuts genetically modified?" Maker's reply: "Thank you for your contact. We are not aware of any GMO free corn in the U.S. We feel it is a ridiculous concern based on very poor science." Anti-GMO activist Jeffrey Smith rings up corn nuts maker. The conversation: Huffington

Waistbands on men rise with age. By age 57 "the waistband can be just 7 inches under the armpit." Guardian
50-year-old Simon Cowell measures up: Daily Mail
Thanks to BL for the truck story.


Jim Purdy said...

That pickup driver really was living on the edge!

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Bix said...

It's unbelievable.

Leonard said...

Waistbands! LOL! OMG! I can't imagine that! I'm 39 but thank goodness my waist is still at 30" and I wear the cute jeans that are considered "trim", so they ride low. I could do the "skinny" but really? I'm 39. Bix I think you need to research naturally skinny people instead of the "norm". Why we have fast metabolisms and we can eat what we want. I know a lot of people would not like that, but heck, I'd like to know. I feel a bit ostracized from your posts regarding weight, sometimes. Although, when I'm 57, it may be a totally different comment on your post. ;) peace

Bix said...

I think a lot of people would envy you, Leonard. But you make a good point. Just what does keep some people trim? Is it, as you say, a fast metabolism? It would be revealing to get hundreds of trim people in a room and let them talk about what they think influences their health.

virginia said...

Fidgeting, I think that's what keeps the trim, trim. And, perhaps sub'ing smokes and drink, for food.

My heavy brothers sit, smoke, and think. My thin brothers walk, smoke, and think.

That is a funny graphic (waistline).