Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Do you shake or grind the pepper? You make be shaking the Salmonella too. Food Safety News, MarlerBlog

Run wearing shoes: strike the ground with your heel. Run barefoot: strike the ground near the ball of your foot, "making barefoot running comfortable." A whole different ballgame. BBC

The Mayo Clinic says you can be fat and skinny at the same time. Their 9-year study estimates 30 million Americans may fall into the new normal-weight-obesity category. I wonder if this will change how we track obesity prevalence. Wall Street Journal


virginia said...

Love these little coffee breaks, and the perfect icon!

Now I can settle in for the State of the Union.

Bytes by Bix. I see t-shirts in your future. said...

Salmonella in the pepper? I thought one of the traditional arguments for pepper and other spices was that they killed bacteria.

Is nothing safe?

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Leo said...

This concerns me, talk about busting my bubble of being fit. I think I'm okay, I don't have any weight around my middle but just posted a comment about naturally thin. Yup concerning.;) peace