Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why The Burger On TV Doesn't Look Like The Burger On Your Plate

They lie.
"So we only cook him for 20 seconds on either side, and that way he doesn't shrink. Basically, he's still raw."
E. coli everywhere ... from the toothpicks that hold the lettuce in place to the cardboard platform "for our star to sit on." Oh, the price for beauty.

Who calls a burger "him?"


Leonard said...

Eew! ;) peace

Anrosh said...

this ad has sucked even the temptation out of me!

now i have to see how they make food at restaurants -

Perovskia said...

Gah.. I've put off watching this video for a long time. It showed me just what I thought, though.

Anrosh, don't worry. They create food *much* differently in restaurants. I've taken the Food Handlers Course and there are a lot of guidelines they have to adhere to. Rather they do or not, well, I guess that depends on the quality of place you go to...

DebbyBruck said...

What people don't know about their food. Thanks so much!