Sunday, November 29, 2009

Homemade Yeast

Here's my homemade GMO-free yeast. I'm making it from soaking raisins. The bubbles adhering to the sides of the grapes are, I hope, carbon dioxide gas given off by yeast as they feed on carbohydrates. (Click to enlarge.)

I'd expected something frothier but it's still young, just 2 days. And it's cold here in Philly (in the 20s outside/60s inside at night). I'm not sure how successful this will be yet. I'll give it time.

I'm planning on using this with another experiment of mine: Sprouted Wheat Bread.
Photo: Bix

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Perovskia said...

I'm very excited to watch your experiment from beginning to end :)

As a very random side note (since you mentioned GMO), was watching a show on the Food Network last night about how things are made and get to your plate. Well they showed how they make garlic powder. It's first started in a test tube (this initially turned me off) and then plated, producing mass amounts of garlic bulbs. Said bulbs are run through the factory process (peeled, dried, etc). It then sits in a warehouse for *years*. The company gives it a 3-year shelf life but said it could sit for years and years in the airtight barrels if needed. This... didn't appeal to me at all.