Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Gourmet Magazine Closing - What Happens To Estabrook?

I read yesterday that Condé Nast is closing Gourmet magazine. Here's the Washington Post's piece:
At 68, Gourmet Is 86'ed

It's not the loss of the magazine that concerns me, it's the future of Barry Estabrook, one of their writers. Estabrook wrote for Gourmet's Politics of the Plate column. He did an excellent job. Not many write so selflessly and factually about food politics. I hope he finds a new venue.


Perovskia said...

Oh no! That's unfortunate. I'm only speaking on behalf of the magazine, mind. I'm not familiar with Barry Estabrook (it's been ages since I've picked up a copy and not with the attention to food and nutrition I have now) but now you have me intrigued.

Bix said...

Try his link, Perovskia, you might find something that interests you.

Maybe this will be a good opportunity for him - if he moves to a site where he gets more exposure.