Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I was speaking with a healthcare provider recently who told me she thought the government should not be involved in healthcare. "It's socialized medicine," she said, looking aghast.

She said if someone needs care, "People on their block should chip in and help." She believes in "Community."


Ronald said...

I agree. Get Government out of Health care! We should get rid of Medicare and Medicaid and let the families take care of the elderly themselves. Get those people out of the nursing homes and out into the workforce. They could be useful cleaning the shoulders of the highways. Strap on the Depends and get to worker you slackers. Alzheimer’s, Ha. You’re faking it! If you can’t work then stay home with your families and have each family member take turns providing 24 hour care. Prescription benefits. Don’t need them. If you’re out in the fresh air doing manual work your chronic diseases will disappear and if they don’t you can always die and stop costing honest workers needless costs. Selfish bastards. I’m healthy and I have good medical benefits paid for by the company I work for so I don’t need any government handouts. Get to work and improve our highways so as I speed past in my expensive car I don’t have to look at the detritus of our consumer society. Bunch of bums.

Anonymous said...

Neighbors bailing out neighbors in a fair, consistent, predictable fashion? Utopian Fantasy. Wonderful when it occurs, but don't let your life depend on it. I'd prefer a more reliable safety net.

Drew said...

Your doctor is not alone in her view of healthcare. My boyfriend and his medical school friends all share similar views. It bothers me that that the people who see first hand the problems with poor insurance coverage still fight against reform because they are are afraid it will affect their salary. If we want doctors on the side of healthcare reform you have to offer loan forgiveness, incentives for going into family medicine, or other ways of softening the blow that they will make less after delaying their earning power for 4+ years.

Jennywenny said...

I'm assuming you're joking? Since the community all looking after each other is socialism?

I hope americans start to think about looking after each other more, that would be nice.

karl said...

So, the first and last refuge of those in need in the richest country on earth should be charity? For what reason exactly and for whose benefit?

Bix said...

Ronald, always a pleasure.
I have to say, I was floored. Utopian fantasy is right. And Jenny ... Yes! She didn't realize the irony.

Loan forgiveness would help. Two years in a clinic for a write-off maybe. Still, the carrot of compensation for specializing is so great in this country. GPs are undervalued.

virginia said...

That is naive. Volunteers to change Depends, empty vomit bowls, sponge-brush teeth? No.

Volunteers willing to change the flower water, and dust an already clean house, yes.

caulfieldkid said...

This is actually already being done to some extent: http://www.healthcaresharing.org/hcsm/

That's just one example (first to come up on a google search). I have known individuals who couldn't get on/afford insurance and used a similar health care sharing community. It worked for them.

I don't think it's the answer to the health care debate though. Honestly, I don't have a good answer. I don't know that there is one simple answer. But I'm willing to entertain just about any idea.

Ben P. DeSalt said...

We have this in New York City.

If someone needs help with medical expenses or even if they are just down on their luck all they have to do is stand by a subway entrance and hold out a cup.

“Neighbors” give the person money all without government intervention.