Friday, June 26, 2009

Plants Communicate

Below is an excerpt from the BBC series "Supernatural," a six-part nature documentary narrated by Andrew Sachs.

"Even though they lack specialized nerve cells, they do have a primitive nervous system that transmits electrical signals."

"The more we discover, the more like animals they seem."
If plants have developed such intricate and specialized forms of communication and self-preservation, I wonder how chemicalized factory farming and monoculture has affected them.
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Jennywenny said...

This sounds similar to a wonderful program called 'the private life of plants' which was on the BBC a while back with David Attenborough. Unfortunately it only seems to be available on video, it was beautiful to watch. Lots of time lapse photography, where the plants seem to really come to life.

Bix said...

Love David Attenborough, so excitable. I thought this was him, sounded like him.

It's amazing how many things in common living things have.

zim said...

Andrew Sachs is the bloke who played Manuel on 'Fawlty Towers', for those who've seen it.

Bix said...

Manuel on Fawlty Towers! You're kidding...

omg, you're not kidding.

Angela and Melinda said...

LOVE this video! Hope you don't mind if I post a link on FB (and in the Root)!