Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bittman's Green Potatoes

This looks wonderful. Watch him pour that olive oil: Once ... twice ... three times. And, "If it seems too dry ... add some more olive oil!"



BizBuzz said...

Never had dandelion yet, it is on my list tho.

I am having issues with finding a EVOO that I like, can you make any recommendations?

Bix said...

I like Colavita. One thing I'll pay more for. What ones have you tried?

Bix said...

By the way, I meant to say ... dandelion greens are a mild diuretic. (Many women who have bloat issues around their periods probably already know this.)

Esmaa Self said...

Thanks for the introduction to Bittman's video series; he's charming and this dish does look yum-er-oo.

Think it a good idea not to peel the potatoes, though, in an effort to retain as much protein as possible. Also it's wise to pick dandelion greens before the plant puts up flowers, as that tends to turn the leaves more bitter.

Hope he plans to use that water as soup stock. :)

Esmaa Self said...

And... yeah, he uses way too much oil. I'd think I'd use some of that water and maybe ground pepper, cumin and garlic instead. (Cuz ya knooooow: spice is far more healthy a flavoring agent than is oil)