Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dear Senator, Please Support Labeling Of Genetically Engineered Food

Below is the letter I sent to my Senators and Congressman. You're welcome to cut and paste it into an email to your Senators and Congressman. Just visit each of their sites, click "Contact," and fill out the form. There is power in numbers.

Dear Senator ___________,

I'm writing today to ask you to support labeling of genetically engineered food.

For the reasons cited in HR 6636 from the 110th Congress:

The Congress finds as follows:
(1) The process of genetically engineering foods results in the material change of such foods.
(2) The Congress has previously required that all foods bear labels that reveal material facts to consumers.
(3) Federal agencies have failed to uphold Congressional intent by allowing genetically engineered foods to be marketed, sold and otherwise used without labeling that reveals material facts to the public.
(4) Consumers wish to know whether the food they purchase and consume contains or is produced with a genetically engineered material for a variety of reasons, including the potential transfer of allergens into food and other health risks, concerns about potential environmental risks associated with the genetic engineering of crops, and religiously and ethically based dietary restrictions.
(5) Consumers have a right to know whether the food they purchase contains or was produced with genetically engineered material.
(6) Labels voluntarily placed on foods are insufficient to provide consumers with adequate information on whether or not all the food they are purchasing contains or was produced with genetically engineered material.
(7) Mandatory labeling provides a critical scientific method necessary for the continual postmarket surveillance to study long-term health impacts and enforcement of food safety laws preventing adulterated foods from reaching consumers.
(8) Many of the United States’ key trading partners, including countries in the European Union, Japan, and the People’s Republic of China, have established, or are in the process of implementing, mandatory labeling requirements for genetically engineered food.
(9) Adoption and implementation of mandatory labeling requirements for genetically engineered food produced in the United States would facilitate international trade by allowing American farmers and companies to export and appropriately market their products--both genetically engineered and non-genetically engineered--to foreign customers.

And because the 27 member states of the European Union, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, and other developed countries have instituted mandatory labeling of GE food, I think it's the right action to take, at the right time.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring.

[Your name here]

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