Monday, December 01, 2008

Saying "No" To GMOs

On a personal level, you can buy organic. Organic foods are not allowed to contain genetically engineered foods. Here's a Shopping Guide from the Institute for Responsible Technology.

Buying organic doesn't work for all people all the time, though. A larger remedy is needed. I think that larger remedy is labeling. Education is ineffective if people can't use that education to make a decision. The biotech industry fears labeling and has lobbied hard to prevent it. So far, they've succeeded.

But the FDA and USDA can't ignore a large public outcry. In 1997, the USDA was about to rule that genetically engineered foods and irradiated foods could be classified as "Organic." The public was outraged. They wrote letters to their Senators, Congressmen, the USDA website. There were newsletters, brochures at stores, websites, all crying "Foul!" There was a real grassroots campaign to prevent the USDA's action .... and it worked! In 2000, the USDA defined an organic standard that outlawed GMOs and irradiation.

Let's get labels.

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