Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dollar Menus

To the left is my receipt from a local grocery store from last week, where I bought 1 yam, 1 squash, and 1 pepper for $6.81. To the right is McDonald's Dollar Menu.
  • When the cost of one organic green pepper exceeds the cost of a McDonald's hamburger, or 2 McDonald's hot apple pies...
  • When the burger, pies, and fries are within walking distance of where you live or work in the city but the pepper and potato require a trip beyond the food desert...
  • When the price of the burger, pies, and fries includes costs associated with preparation time and cooking fuel, but a potato needs a spell in the oven...
  • When the burger, pies, and fries can be eaten inside, protected from the elements, at a table, with a restroom at the ready... when the choice of a fast food meal in the city becomes, for some people, no choice at all.

McDonald's considered restructuring its Dollar Menu to reflect higher food costs, e.g. removing a slice of cheese from the Double Cheeseburger. They're glad they didn't scrap the menu altogether:
"McDonald's credited the Dollar Menu for aiding its 3rd quarter sales figures, which were 6.2 percent higher than last year."

"14% of McDonald's total sales (up to May 2008) were from Double Cheeseburger, which has gained popularity with families struggling to pay the monthly bills and make their monthly mortgage payments."
- Dollar Menu Rescues McDonald's 3rd Quarter, October 23, 2008


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