Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kabocha Squash (Or Buttercup?)

Next up, a kabocha squash, or Japanese Pumpkin:

The good: Beautiful deep red-orange flesh not foretold by its forest green exterior. Very soft, pudding-like consistency when baked. Sweet ... sweet, baby, sweet.

The bad: Strong, grassy, almost manure-like aroma. I'm sorry, I found it repugnant. Maybe kabocha is an acquired taste. Or maybe mine had ripened past palatability (apparently, this squash needs to be aged post-harvest to develop its full flavor).

It's amazing how different all these squash can be.

Update: Although Wegman's sold this squash as a kabocha, it may in fact be a buttercup squash. The protruding bulge at the bottom is a buttercup giveaway.
Photos: Homegrown

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