Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lavender's Garden In June

(I'm moving Lavender's post from last week up to today since she has some updates to it - at bottom.)

Lavender brings us up-to-date:

Click for larger.
"In the garden picture, you can see how well the onions and beets are doing in the raised beds. The cukes are coming along nicely along the left side by the lattice that is on the ground. And in the very back you can see the green beans behind Susannah's pea vines which are in the process of being replaced by black eyed peas. The romas in the closer end of the garden behind the perennial herb bed are doing very well and we discovered an Early Girl pinking up this morning! Susannah wanted to know if I wanted fried green tomato for breakfast."
Fried green tomato ... Two, please.

(See Lavender's commencement here.)

"Parts of the garden look brown and unused. Those are places where I just pulled the black plastic off and put somewhere else. It did an excellent job of killing the weeds for me. There is space to plant more greens for the fall. I could probably plant some bush beans still and have them make beans before the first frost. I'll have to see if anyone has bush bean seeds left.

Favorite garden tool: the stirrup hoe"
She promises a photo of her freshly picked beets :)
And to anyone wanting to start a garden, she recommends The Square Foot Gardener: "It is simple and low key."
Photo: Lavender

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