Monday, July 14, 2008

10 Maybes To Explain Americans' Widening Girth

Another list - from today's Los Angeles Times:

What's Making Us Fat?
A Critical Look At The Virus Theory, The Corn Syrup Conjecture And Other (Wishful?) Thinking

Below are their 10 Maybes. Each item in the list, if you go to the story, is explained in a little more depth.
  • Maybe we're too stressed.
  • Maybe a virus is to blame.
  • Maybe the temperature is just right.
  • Maybe it's all that high-fructose corn syrup.
  • Maybe low-fat foods made us eat more.
  • Maybe we take too many drugs
  • Maybe we're doomed before birth.
  • Maybe there's too much pollution.
  • Maybe we're not sleeping enough.
  • Maybe we shouldn't have stopped smoking.
Not more exercise?

My feeling on it, today at least, is that the type of food we eat has changed. It has become more processed.

Do you have a take on it?
Photo of University of Wisconsin, River Falls, 1949 Women's Softball Team from UWRF. There are a few more photos there.

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