Monday, April 14, 2008

Food Crisis: Have Your Say

The BBC has been inviting comments regarding the food situation:
BBC Have Your Say: Is The World Heading For A Food Crisis?

Over 3000 comments so far. Here's a sample:
"Maybe if some of the poorer nations of the world had tried a bit of population control, they wouldn't be experiencing a food shortage now."
- Aussie Pride, Cronulla, Australia

"Well, this should solve the obesity problem that the West have been moaning about on other HYS's. It can only lead to healthier skinnier peoble with good BMI's.
Problem solved."
- tinytiegan, Hull, United Kingdom

"African nations have been independent 40 to 50yrs, so, the problem is THEIRS, is it not?"
- herbert likander, Finland

"Governments throughout the world love crises, it's the only way they keep us all in check, and most of you swallow these bogus set ups, so they just keep on doing it."
- Peter, Preston
I don't know what to say.

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