Friday, October 26, 2007

"Half-Empty Boxes Of Dead Food"

"Since World War II, the food industry in the U.S. has gone a long way toward ensuring that their customers (just about all of America's children, as well as a good proportion of the adults) do not have to chew breakfast. The bleached, gassed, and colored remnants of the life-giving grains are roasted, toasted, frosted with sugar, embalmed with chemical preservatives, and stuffed into a box much larger than its contents. Fantastic amounts of energy are wasted by sales and advertising departments to sell these half-empty boxes of dead food -- money-back coupons, whistles, and toy guns are needed to induce refined women to lift these half-empty boxes off supermarket shelves."
- William Dufty, 1975, Sugar Blues
Thirty-two years later, half-empty boxes of bleached, gassed, colored, frosted, and embalmed cereals continue to be lifted from supermarket shelves. Give those marketing folks a raise.

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