Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Fat Pig Diet

Michael Winner is an English film director, producer, and food critic for the UK's Sunday Times. He just wrote a book, "The Fat Pig Diet."

Here's an excerpt (1 stone = 14 pounds):

The Fat Pig Diet: Michael Winner's Guide To Getting Thin

Some passages from above excerpt:
"I will now tell you in two words the secret of my weight loss. ... EAT LESS. I'll repeat that, because if you can manage this, it's all over - you're a thin, lovely person again. EAT LESS. End of story. Doesn't matter what you eat. Cake. Ice cream. Pasta. Who cares? Just eat less of it."

"You don't have to stuff yourself until you can hardly move, then get up from the table exhausted, burp and fart and go to bed. That was my pattern for years. I am reformed! I have seen the light!"

"After lunch recently at a movie star's house I was telling a group of people how to lose weight. "Eat less," I said, "and in particular eat very little in the evening. Also eat early." ... A fat lady present looked at me with scorn. She was hoping for some miracle weight-loss diet to be divulged. This lady said, rather contemptuously: "That's no good to me. I like to go out with my friends to dinner." ... That's why you look like a fat cow, I thought."

One more:
"God, the truth hurts!"
- Michael Winner, when asked by a Daily Telegraph reporter how he would respond to Gordon Ramsay's comment that "Winner knows nothing about food."

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