Tuesday, January 23, 2007

C12 Peptide for Blood Pressure Control

Just because I have it handy, here's a little more info on the active ingredient in Twinlab's Blood Pressure Control supplement.
  • C12 Peptide is a bioactive peptide (one of many) which has been shown to lower blood pressure. (See my post, Food-derived Peptides Lower Blood Pressurefor a mechanism.)

  • C12 Peptide is derived from cow's milk protein (bovine casein).

  • C12 Peptide is manufactured by DVM International in the Netherlands.

  • C12 Peptide is being advertised as having GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status. (Although I don't see it on the GRAS list.)

  • C12 Peptide is also available as an ingredient in Life Extension's Natural BP Management, Springfield's Regisense™ (available in the Netherlands and Belgium), HealthyDirect's RegulACE™ (available in the UK), and probably a few more I haven't run across.

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