Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spider Drinking

This little guy came up to get a drink while I was doing the dishes. No inhibitions. I swear he posed as I snapped. The best part of this photo? His shadow!


Dr. Mel said...

Love this. My grandfather (who had a long series of little house-spider "pets," all named George) always said it's bad luck to kill spiders in the house. Perhaps b/c they eat other house bugs you'd prefer not to have? Don't know.

Bix said...

They're so beautiful. Sometimes when I get up and it's still dark I'll find a brown recluse (or something that looks like it) in the basement stalking something, maybe a stink bug or a lightening bug. The recluses I'm afraid of, I've seen what a bite of their's can do.

Dr. Mel said...

Yes, definitely be afraid of Brown Recluses.