Friday, November 12, 2010

Fridge Watcher

shaun sent this:

I can't stop looking. I'm such a voyeur. This one is like a lot of little refrigerators in one big one. I wonder if Tupperware has BPA in it:

"This Fridge is from Guang Zhou, China
Hello. My name is Li Jia Yu. I come from Guangzhou, China. I would like to show you my “new fridge” here. It doesn’t mean I bought it recently. It means my fridge is organized well and fresh smell after I got the special service from Tupperware Household Consultant. You can see the totally different effect from before and after pictures. Now I am very satisfied my pretty fridge and kitchen life."


caulfieldkid said...

Once you asked, I had to know:

The answer: sometimes.

I was a bit surprised at that.

Anonymous said...

Surprised in what way?

Once one sees a particular Tupperware product, one should be able to tell.
You'll know if it's made of polycarbonate (containing BPA), because it'll be hard and clear.
e.g. the Tupperware containers in the fridge shown look like they're all soft (no BPA).


Bix said...

I have a sinking feeling that BPA is only the tip of the iceberg.