Monday, October 12, 2009

Bill Moyers Explains Why The Public Option Isn't An Option

"Polls show the overwhelming majority of Americans favor a non-profit alternative -- like Medicare -- that would give the private health insurance industry some competition. But if so many Americans and the President himself want that public option, how come we're not getting one?"
"The people who want a public alternative can't possibly scrape up the millions of dollars Baucus has received from the health sector."
Is Moyers right about lobbyists?


RB said...

Is Moyers right about lobbyist? YES!
Ordinary folks can't win. Money talks.

ElDoubleVee said...

Yes the arguments going on in Congress are all about special interest money. Of course you get a bunch of idiots, on Medicare, who will protest against Government intervention into health care. I think the vote on health care will be a clear indication which members of congress are most influenced by special interest money. Crooks!

Tschäff said...

Absolutely he's right. I am a professional economist. The reason other countries have lower health care costs, without causing anyone to die any younger than Americans do, is because there are numerous ways to cut costs. A single payer system offers a great amount of savings, both in administration and in negotiating power. Medicare has shown that it can be run just as efficiently as anything the private sector has.

The reason we don't get it isn't on economic grounds. It's not on democratic grounds. So what does that leave us with?

Bix said...

Thanks for that.

(The Senate just passed their version of the healthcare bill. It doesn't have a public option. Obama hasn't signed anything yet.)

There is a lack of compassion in this country.