Monday, August 17, 2009

Food Safety Attorney Bill Marler On Seattle Voices

Bill Marler was recently interviewed by Eric Liu, the host of Seattle Voices, a program that airs on Seattle Cable Channel 21.

For the video: click Bill's photo or the link below (28 minutes):
Seattle Voices With Bill Marler

This is one of the best treatments I've seen in the media of food safety issues. The interviewer is informed, smart, asks pertinent questions, then gives the wand to Marler for more than soundbite replies. Marler's responses are likewise informed, succinct, and compassionate.

Why are we experiencing more, and more deadly, foodborne illnesses in recent years? One reason - the increasing industrialization of food production, and the blink-of-an-eye, mass distribution of food that may originate, as with the case of Peanut Corporation of America, in one small contaminated plant.


Bill Marler said...

Hey, thanks - it was actually fun to talk with Eric - smart guy - wish he was on cable nationally.

Bix said...

Nice to see the topic getting serious attention. Bacteria are as risky as pesticides; they both make us sick.