Monday, May 11, 2009

Keep An Eye On The Birds

Just a few days ago, a supplier for Tyson killed 15,000 chickens because they were infected with bird flu:

Tennessee Chicken Flock Found With Mild Bird Flu
"The 15,000 birds showed no signs of illness and there appeared to be no threat to human health, Tyson said."
So why did they kill them? Of course there's a threat. It may not be from this virus exactly, but as I wrote in the prior post, viruses are evolving, "disintegrating and reforming," at a furious pace. Keeping a genetically uniform and isolated flock of birds cooped up inside, in unnatural, space-starved quarters is a recipe for illness - not just among birds. Tyson knows this.
Photo from Tyson Foods, Inc. Caption:
"A senior veterinarian for Tyson Foods takes a blood sample from a live chicken at a poultry farm near Springdale, Arkansas. Such samples are subsequently sent to a Tyson laboratory where they are tested for the presence of avian influenza."

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