Monday, January 12, 2009

Legislation Regarding Genetically Engineered Food

Last Friday, Jan 9, we received a letter back from one of our Senators, Bob Casey, regarding genetically engineered food.

Some relevant excerpts:
"We must therefore proceed cautiously and submit any foods produced from this process to rigorous safety inspections and other relevant scientific testing. I understand that you have serious concerns about consuming foods which have been genetically altered. As these foods continue to be introduced into grocery stores across the country, it is imperative that consumers like you have accurate information about the foods they buy for themselves and their families."
I like the "imperative that consumers like you have accurate information about the foods they buy" part.

Here was the best part of the letter:
"You may be interested to know that three bills were offered in the House of Representatives during the 110th Congress that addressed this important issue. All introduced by Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, they include H.R. 6635, the Genetically Engineered Safety Act, H.R. 6636, the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act, and H.R. 6637, the Genetically Engineered Technology Farmer Protection Act.

The Senate did not have the opportunity to take action on any of these bills before the end of the year. Therefore, in order for these measures to be considered by the full Senate in the future, they must be reintroduced during the 111th Congress, which begins in January 2009. Should the Senate consider these or related proposals at that time, please be assured that I will keep your views in mind."
So, knowledge of the hazards associated with genetically engineered foods have not escaped our representatives in Washington. In fact, bills have already been written (and what a fine job someone did of writing them).

If you are concerned about genetically engineered foods (safety, labeling), you might want to email or write just 3 people: your Representative and Senators in Washington. It doesn't even have to be a long, descriptive missive. Just refer to these three bills (HR 6635, HR 6636, HR 6637 from the 110th Congress) and say you'd like your Senator/Rep to support them.

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