Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gourd Unknown

This is not a sweet dumpling squash.

It's not an acorn squash or a delicata squash. It's not a carnival squash. I have no idea what it is. I cooked it anyway, and I'll say this ... for me it was more trick than treat.

Update: It was stringy and fibrous, more like spaghetti squash in texture. Dumpling squash is like pudding. And, as Ruby said about her pie pumpkin, this was more savory than sweet. A little musky too. Maybe I just didn't have a good one - of the kind. Or maybe I've been spoiled with dumpling. Dumpling spoils.

This leftover one makes a nice seasonal paperweight.
Photos: Homegrown


Family Nutritionist said...

Still looking for a delicata squash recipe. Your odd gourd looks like a backgarden cross. Like the "warty pear" squash I grew a couple of years ago (ornamental + ?), but prettier.

Bix said...

Delicata, I've had no luck with them this year. Most were dry and stringy, not moist and sweet as I know them to be.

They cook fast, the delicata. I usually just roast them. Post your recipe if you find one, Family!