Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pathogenic Knols

Speaking of knols, Bill Marler, the Seattle attorney who specializes in foodborne illness, and who I think would make a great US Food Safety Administrator, just published a slew of knols on a slew of pathogenic organisms.

Here are two:

Listeria (It Can Grow In The Fridge)
"Listeria survives at temperatures from below freezing to body temperature, and grows best at the 0°F to 50°F range, which includes the temperature range used for freezing and refrigeration.

Due to its unusual growth capabilities, Listeria may be transferred in common ready-to-eat foods that have been kept properly refrigerated."

E. coli (It Can Grow Inside Plants Where You Can't Wash It Off)
"Fresh fruits and vegetables can become contaminated pre- or post-harvest. Contaminated seeds, irrigation water, and flooding have contributed to E. coli outbreaks traced to sprouts, lettuce, spinach, parsley, and other fresh produce."


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