Thursday, July 03, 2008

Melinda's Garden In June

Melinda brings us up-to-date:

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"Am enclosing two pix of the raised beds. I've already gotten a few ripe tomatoes (Early Girl and Fourth of July), and there are some cukes coming along. There are potential zucchini (female flowers at the end of the "ovary" just begging to be impregnated, but there are no male flowers on the plant at the moment! Damn!). There's also chard & herbs & one Turkish eggplant (looks like an orange tennis ball). But overall the eggplants aren't doing too well--they had flea beetles early on, and their leaves have lots of tiny holes now. As well, my experiment w/ growing potatoes from big-"eyed" chunks of older potato has failed, I fear (they're not in the raised beds, but in another large pot). I may have kept them too wet. I *would* like to be able to grow *some* main-dish thing like potatoes myself. Hope the onions don't suffer the same fate."
I know those little Turkish eggplants. Seedy little things.

(See Melinda's commencement here.)
Photos: Melinda

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